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1941-1949 K/KB-1 to 5 Side Mirror Bracket Reproductions. Both Driver and Passenger-Side. Custom Lengths available. This took a fair amount of effort to create tooling for these and get manufacturing details refined. An original piece was flattened out to get the correct shape and then flats were laser-cut for repeatable parts. Forming methods were created to get the shape to match the originals. We think judging from every perspective that these match the originals, putting calipers on them will result the same level of reproduction. The original lengths for the driver-side pickup is 9". If you want a longer one for a K/KB-5 or additional length on say the passenger-side, let us know. The cost for bare mild steel is $150 a pair shipped within the US. $80 per side if you just want that. We can ship to Canada for whatever more it takes. Australia cabs were different, so likely little interest sending them that way. Custom longer ones, we can negotiate, it might be a little more to make / ship. Please PM me, we would like to make a good little run of these to justify our tooling and prototyping costs. Thanks again for your support on these products. 

1941-1949 K/KB-1 to 5 Side Mirror Bracket Reproductions

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