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CHAPIN DESIGN International 1941-1949 Stainless Hood Hing Support Kit

These hood hinge supports are CAD designed, laser-cut out of stainless, and then CNC press-brake formed to be a direct replacement of your originals. This is all new stainless, so you can brush it or spend the time to polish it to a mirror finish. They use your existing spring and hardware, not supplied. The kit does come with the stainless shoulder bolts for the pivot as shown. 


I have been selling these for over 15 years. 

 These will fit K/KB 1 through 5.
These can be used on a street rod or original depending on the finish you create.

$8 shipping

International 1941-1949 Stainless Hood Hinge Support Kit, KB, K. KB-2, KB-1

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