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International 1941-1949 Stainless Hood Latch Mounting Kit

So when I had my first 1946 International street rod in high school in the early 90s, my hood latch system was worn and once the hood even flipped up going down the road. Over the years with new skills and tools, I developed a bolt-on hood latch mounting kit that uses a modern safety latch with a cable actuated system. It is CAD designed, laser-cut out of stainless, and then CNC press-brake formed. This is a two-piece bracket system that I sell. You will need to buy the latch from Rocky Hinge, part# HT 004. Any like cable system needs to be added (like Control Cables Inc. PN#69V00-120 or something from Lokar or similar). This bracket system I developed and sell is new stainless, so you can brush it or spend the time to polish it to a mirror finish. I started selling these over a decade ago, sold probably 50, and then got out of the hobby until a year or two ago. So I made a short run of these to sell, I can make more in the future as needed. It is a nice product that adds safety and the ability to add a cable to open it from inside the cab for security.   

$18 shipping

International 1941-1949 Hood Latch Mounting Kit

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