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I was asked to design and laser-cut some stainless steel running board washers to be used on an award winning original show truck. I made some more for others. You can use them on your original truck or street rod. These match the original geometry and thickness. You can age the stainless, leave it as is, or even polish them. Bill Ferguson of Texas has these on his red 1947 (pictured) that won the National and Grand National championships in 2011 and 2012. I use them on my street rods too. Usually on original trucks one need to use a torch to get them off, so then one either needs to make their own out of drilled flatbar or use a normal washer that is not correct. This is for 8 of them.

$4 shipping

International Pickup Stainless Running Board Washers 1941-1949, K, KB, 1942,

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