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Owned by Brian Clancy

Made by Ian and Alisa Vance

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Featured Products

1940's International Pick up

About Chapin Design IH Division

Chapin Design started in 2002 as a design company focusing on laser-cut / press-brake formed / weldments for the off-highway / construction / agriculture / and after-market automotive industry. 


I started my K/KB International pickup project when I was 15 making a hot-rod out of a heavily used farm pickup that had been in the family since it was new. Naively thinking this would take a few weekends at best, it has been a life-long project of improvement and learning. While it started out in a farm shop with minimal tools, my engineering education and drive to create a design business in heavy machinery has opened up my abilities and tools / people / and fabrication machinery that I surround myself with. Each part I create is something for my own projects. As I refine it, I often make more parts for others to buy and use. This helps fund my projects and excites me to develop more.


Our family shop currently has two running frame-off street-rods, two running survivor pickups, many pickups in parts, and currently involved in a frame-off nut/bolt original restoration. We have a small but growing list of parts we sell, many in development, and lots of original parts that we take care of and sell to people all around.

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